Get Ready for a BIG Year in 2018

January 4, 2018
By Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

I’m so excited you’ll be joining me as I host our big emergency summit with Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim Woods.

The goal of this event, the 2018 Trade of the Year, is to help you identify the biggest winning stocks in 2018.

We want to see you beat the market 1,000% or better. In fact, we’re guaranteeing it.

A pretty bold claim, I know.

But as you’ll soon see, Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods are two of the only people in the world with the background and track record to make such a claim.

In preparation for our event, I shared with them some disturbing headlines:

From CNBC… “Most investors didn’t come close to beating the S&P 500.”

From Marketwatch… “Almost no one can beat the market.”

From Forbes… “Why the Average Investor’s Investment Return is So Low.”

With those headlines in mind, I asked Dr. Skousen…

Do you really believe regular investors have a chance? Or should they just buy index funds and call it a day?

Here’s a quick snippet of his answer:

Dr. Skousen: “Absolutely!  It’s definitely possible to beat the markets… and by a significant amount.

Consider… the markets are up around 20% in the past year. And yes, many stocks have underperformed.

However, there are plenty that have outperformed… and by a very wide margin.

Look at Dynavax Technologies.

It started the year at $4.

But it climbed all the way to $24.

That’s a gain of 500%.

Or Straight Path Communications… a company I’m sure our audience has never heard of.

It climbed from $23 all the way to $235 before eventually getting bought out by Verizon at $182.

You’d have made 691% in just about 6 months.

Or how about Weight Watchers… a forgotten brand if ever there was one.

Nobody was buying at $10.

Yet, it peaked in November at $50!

There are in fact dozens upon dozens of stocks that have delivered massive wins this past year.

See for yourself…

The point I’m trying to make is that you can in fact outperform the markets… but you won’t do it by listening to your neighbor, watching CNBC, or handing over your portfolio to some mutual fund manager who only cares about the fees they collect.

The only way to find these exceptional winners is to pinpoint the unique characteristics that made them all go up in the first place.

That’s why Mark and Jim Woods decided to do this special 2018 Trade of the Year event…

To share those characteristics with their audience. And reveal which stocks are set to be the big winners of 2018.

To get all of the details on their 2018 Trade of the Year, you’ll have to wait for the main event.

But I can tell you, having people like Mark and Jim on your side is as big an advantage as you can have on Wall Street.

Dr. Mark Skousen – Perhaps the Most Successful and Well-Respected Investment Guru Alive Today.

Dr. Skousen is a PhD Economist. He’s taught classes at Columbia University. He’s served as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies including IBM.

He’s even had the government adopt his work on Gross Output as a new way to measure the overall output of our economy.

Steve Forbes himself said Dr. Skousen’s work “will have a profound and manifestly positive impact on economics.”

He correctly called the 1987 stock market crash just six weeks before it hit.

In the 1990’s, he predicted the Nasdaq would quadruple… and it did, from 750 to over 3,000.

And in 2009, he correctly called the roaring rebound of the market from 6,600 back up to 10,000.

That same year in AOL’s stock of the year contest… he picked Ford, which many believed was on its deathbed.

Yet it roared back to life from as low as $1.58 to over $10…

You can see why hundreds of thousands of Americans have subscribed to Dr. Skousen’s work over his 30+ years in the business.

In short, he gets the job done.

And his readers deeply respect him for it.

Here’s what a few of them have written:

“He may very well be one of the greatest money minds of the modern era.” – Steve Mariotti, Founder of Network for Teaching Entreprenuership

“I’ve learned more about economic theory from Mark Skousen than from any other modern economist.” – Jerry Bowyer, CEO of Bowyer Research

“I’ve made enough on one of Mark’s stocks to pay my subscription for about 50 yrs. and still have enough left over to put siding on my house!” – Steve Gardiner

“I am very grateful to Mark … So far, following his advice is the best thing I have ever done for my investment portfolio.” – Sally Dowling

“I have made over $1 million over the past three months” – Dub Andras, Founder, Enterprise Products Partners

“Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.” – Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief Forbes Publishing

You can see the impact Dr. Skousen has had on people’s lives.

And on January 11, he’s set to do it again.

But he won’t be going it alone on that day. Joining Dr. Skousen in this emergency summit is one of Eagle Financial’s foremost trading experts: Jim Woods.

Jim currently edits Successful Investing and Intelligence Report for Eagle, reaching tens of thousands of readers a month.  And these investors definitely get what they paid for, as Jim was recently named the 3rd best stock picker in the world (out of a field of 6,000!) by independent research firm

Jim’s more than just a trusted colleague and friend… he’s also one of the world’s best at making money from the market.

And they’ll speak directly about the 2018 Trade of the Year that smart investors ought to make.

All you have to do is be there for one hour on January 11 at 2 p.m. EST.

It’s free to attend, but the impact on your portfolio could change your life forever.

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods will reveal the
7 Common Characteristics of Big Stock Winners

As you might have guessed, Jim Woods specialty is identifying the criteria that move stocks.

He’s an expert in stock picking methodology.

And what he’s done is identify the seven winning criteria you must identify in stocks to see huge 1,000% plus winners.

In fact, the biggest “trade of the year” winners over the last 20 years have averaged 3,013%

That’s enough to multiply your investment 30-fold in just one year’s time.

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods together have researched thousands of stocks.

They’ve looked at over-leveraged bloated companies that crashed and burned as well as overnight success stories.

And perfecting their strategy is their only focus.

In the 2018 Trade of the Year summit, they will reveal all.

Those in attendance will set themselves up for the chance of 1,000% outperformance in 2018.

So get ready…

This is going to be really exciting.

And before I go, just to get you excited about what’s ahead, I’ll leave you with a few “trades of the year” from the last few years.

This will give you some idea just how big the upcoming emergency summit is.

In 2016 it was Axim Biotechnologies, which rose an impressive 2,800%.

But then there was…

Avesis Inc… which soared 1,340% in 2015.

2014’s winner, Cannabis Sativa. It went up 820%.

2013’s top stock, Chuma Holdings, with a 1,440% gain.

And then Notis Global Inc. in 2012. It was another 4,820% stunner.

All you need is help identifying the next Trade of the Year.

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods will show you how.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a few of the criteria Jim Woods looks for.

And on January 11, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the 2018 Trade of the Year.

Until then, I look forward to talking with you more.

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