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Join Mark Skousen, Jim Woods and Roger Michalski for our 2018 Trade of the Year Summit

2018 Trade of the Year Summit

“The EMES energy company was a big win for me. I’m small potatoes, but for me, it was the biggest win ever!”

Donald R., Wadsworth, OH

“He may very well be one of the greatest money minds of the modern era.”

Steve Mariotti, Founder of Network for Teaching Entreprenuership

“I’ve learned more about economic theory from Mark Skousen than from any other modern economist.”

Jerry Bowyer, CEO of Bowyer Research

“I’ve made enough on one of Mark’s stocks to pay my subscription for about 50 yrs. and still have enough left over to put siding on my house!”

Steve G.

“I am very grateful to Mark for the Forecasts and Strategies Newsletter. So far, following his advice is the best thing I have ever done for my investment portfolio.”

Sally D.

“I have made over $1 million over the past three months.”

Dub A., Founder of Enterprise Products Partners

“Eighty-five-ninety percent of my portfolio contains your investment ideas. Your picks stand the test of time in good or bad conditions… that is the mark of someone who understands markets and people beyond the norm, far beyond the norm.”

Art C., Taylor, MI

“In less than one month, I was up over $5,000 on your recommendations! Making money with Mark Skousen is a lot more fun than losing it on my own!”

David H., Germantown, MD

“Mark Skousen has been the only one to consistently make me money in the 7 years I subscribed.”

Jared K., Columbia, SC

“…made me a good deal of money in the last couple of years. No other financial guru seems to have your ability to separate the chaff from the grain.”

Joshua J., St. Petersberg, FL

“I was able to pay a major part of my son’s education… paid off a portion of the mortgage on some investment property… and my wife and I are now planning on our retirement.”

Gene C., Nutley, N.J.

“Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know, and deserves a lot more publicity than Paul Krugman and the other Keynesian naysayers. His books on free-market economics and investing can’t be beat.”

Larry Kudlow, Host of Kudlow & Company

“Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Publishing

“Thank you for keeping me from losing my 401(k) savings. Most of my co-workers got hit with a total loss of 30% to 50% reduction in their overall accounts.”

Samuel F., Salt Lake City, UT

“Helped me save $50-70k in my portfolio.”

Michael B., Monrovia, CA

“You definitely timed it right… Your voice of reason helped me pull the trigger and save my 401(k).”

Richard W., Lawndale, CA
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One More Thing re: Tomorrow’s Big Event

This may just be the biggest event in our organization’s history. At 2 p.m. Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods will reveal the seven criteria found in the best performing stocks each year…

  • why-dr-skousen-and-jim-woods-made-their-1000-outperformance-guarantee

Why Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods Made Their 1,000% Outperformance Guarantee

I wanted to quickly tell you about the best part of my job. It’s receiving the emails and letters from happy subscribers. When it comes to Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods, two things stand out.

  • what-1000-outperformance-would-mean-in-2018

What 1,000% Outperformance Would Mean in 2018…

You may recall we asked you a couple of quick questions about what you wanted to get out of this event. Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods have been reading them all… and I have to say… they are so inspiring.

  • why-the-u-s-economy-will-boom-in-2018

Why the U.S. Economy Will Boom in 2018

Much has been made of the big trade Jim Woods and I are recommending during the event. But I thought it was important to first get in touch with you on what the economy is going to do in 2018.

  • one-of-americas-most-trusted-economic-predictors

One of America’s Most Trusted Economic Predictors

It’s been a crazy few days. Since we announced the 2018 Trade of the Year emergency summit, thousands of people have signed up to be a part of this historic event. We probably shouldn’t be that surprised.

  • the-7-criteria-of-a-winning-stock

The 7 Criteria of a Winning Stock

Today, in preparation for the 2018 Trade of the Year event, Dr. Skousen consulted heavily with our special guest Jim Woods.

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Get Ready for a BIG Year in 2018

The goal of this event, the 2018 Trade of the Year, is to help you identify the biggest winning stocks in 2018. We want to see you beat the market 1,000% or better. In fact, we’re guaranteeing it.